Flora Professional Albums

    • Trademark Flex-Hinge album features wraparound covers for a bound-book appearance
    • Secure, Flexible-hinge inserts provide ability to customize album capacity

Building the Perfect Album is as Easy as 1. 2. 3!

1. Choose Cover Color and Capacity

Flora Album covers come in a variety of colors and sizes. Follow the link above to find and order your cover.

  • Select from plain, square window, or cameo.
  • Select size and color
  • Select insert capacity (album capacities vary from 5 to 34 inserts)
  • Album covers may be personalized; choose imprinting if needed
  • Add your cover to the shopping cart; proceed to step 2

Flora Album Cover


2. Choose Inserts; assorted colors available

Inserts are the pages placed into the album cover. You will need to plan how many and the types of inserts you want in your album before ordering. Types of inserts and colors are shown below. Colors typically co-ordinate with the cover. Follow the link above to select and place your inserts into the shopping cart.

In the next step, you will have the option of adding mats to your album. Inserts come with a single opening per side. With mats you can have multiple openings in various sizes and shapes on each side of the insert. Proceed to step 3 when you have placed all the desired inserts into the shopping cart.
Flora Album Inserts


3. Choose from large selection of mats: mix and match mat configurations to customize your album!

10x10 Mats

8x8 and 5x5 Mats

There is one very important fact you need to understand about mats. While inserts slide into covers of the same size, mats only slide into inserts of the same size. Mats are purchased to match the cover and inserts (10x10, 8x8, or 5x5). Attach your prints to the backside of the mat, then slip the mat with prints attached into the insert to fully customize your page with varying shapes and window combinations. Use your imagination to create unique viewing experiences for you customers base on the photo selections. Keep track of the number of windows and their sizes. You will need that information when ordering prints. Place your mats into your shopping cart and proceed to checkout or continue shopping.
Flora Album MatsWhen you have completed the steps above and have a list of window opening and sizes, you can check out and order prints to fit the sizes and quantities needed to complete your album.

Note: As you look at the mats above, each has an item number below it. That is the mat you will order. The print sizes for each mat are indicated inside the windows. We also have a matted Elite album that is similar to the Flora albums.