About Tap Photo Albums

An Important Note: Over the past several years, sales of the imported Wedding Albums that Tap offered sharply declined as digitally printed photobooks became the preferred method for sharing wedding photos. And so, it was decided Tap would no longer import Wedding Albums and focus on products manufactured in Cleveland, Ohio. Sales on reduced price closeout items are final. Visit our closeout section to see all of our closeouts categories.

All Tap albums are designed to be loaded with prints. Tap albums fall into a variety of categories. Most photographers have preferences depending on the purpose. Descriptions are provided to help you decide which album works best for you.


Tap self-adhesive album
Prints are pemanently attached to the page using an adhesive membrane that is part of the page. This allows for a full edge-to-edge view of the print on the page.


Tap Slip-in Album
Prints are inserted into the page between a mat and backer. Images are framed on the page.

Traditional Matted:


Tap Traditional Albums
Traditional Matted: A traditional matted album is the most versatile album when it comes to album design, but also requires more planning. Traditional Matted albums are purchased and built. First, you choose a cover style. Second, determine the number of inserts/pages you would like in the album. Third, look at your prints and decide on a layout, choosing from a variety of mat options.

All parts are puchased separatley. Photos are attached to the mats, mats slide into the insert, and inserts attached to the cover to complete the album. More work goes into the matted album, but the result is a quality custom presentation.

Preview & Proof Books:

Tap Proof and Preview Albums
Preview and Proof Books: Used to deliver proofs to customers. Customers use these products to review prints prior to ordering their final album. A variety of attractive cover designs have been developed for the proof books. Photographers are also using them as an alternative wedding album option.

Deluxe Preview:


Premium Photo Albums
Deluxe Preview: Other album options with a variety of bindings and page styles that are useful for many different print delivery applications.

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