Customview Folio

Mix and match mats and covers to create the ideal photo gallery gift for parents, aunts, uncles and grandparents. Customview is available with a plain or commencement cover.

Dance Memory Mate

The Dance Memory Mare is one of Tap's most popular dance easels. It has a pop-out easel back and offers side loading. It accommodates a 7x5 print and a 3-1/2x5 vertical print.

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Tap's Customview Folio offers Unique Ways to Present Multiple Poses.

Tap folios may be used for wedding, portrait, senior, or sports photos just for starters. Folios are a very popular product because they display a group of photos in a gallery format allowing a variety of poses to be displayed all at once. Many of Taps folios are sold with fixed window openings. The Customview is different from the fixed window styles because Customview covers and mats are sold separately allowing you to mix and match different sizes and opening sets to create a unique custom look. The Flora folio is very similar to Customview with separate cover and mat options. To make your selection a bit easier, we have added a page that displays all your options for making a Customview folio. You'll also find samples to show which components are use to make each sample as they are displayed. We hope this helps you in your choice for a custom Tap folio.  Go Now